The Otter's 2020 Fly Tying Show Schedule:

The 2020 Fly Fishing Show at the Merchandise Mart, Denver, Colorado
(January 4th, 5th, 6th, 2020 - Friday-Saturday-Sunday)

Don't miss your chance to visit again with "The Otter", and learn more about tying his deadly "Soft Milking Egg"® fly patterns!

Once again, Juan Blanco and Dan Juergensen, two of the Otter's most trusted and knowledgeable fishing companions and personal friends, will be assisting at the Otter's table (on the right side wall of the Fly Tiers area, as you enter the Mart).

"The Otter" will demo and have all his materials for sale. Watch as he ties, not only his usual Otter Egg patterns, but also Embryo Egg patterns; how to "peg" Otter Eggs, using his new method using a small rubber Float Stop! His NEW 120 Egg Float Stop Peg Kit, will be available, plus micro swivels, float stops, threaders, needles, etc., along with the other 21 colors and 7 sizes, of Otter Eggs. Check out: "".

Of special interest this year, is the NEW Otter's Soft Sucker Spawn (OS-3) in the "Globule" pattern, that has been doing so well in the western Rocky Mountain areas. Landon Mayer, noted local and worldwide guide and author, especially recommends this new pattern for his fishing clients, for all the South Platte and Dream Stream rivers. The Otter will be tying these in small 4, 6, and 8 egg patterns on #16 - #12 hooks. Also for sale, will be his new "Grits" color, Soft Sucker Spawn; a new deadly color for all our local waters! This past April and through the middle of May, on the Miracle Mile in Wyoming "The Otter" was hooking 20 to 30 'bows a day on this new color and pattern during high waters of up to 4000 cfs!

For more information, contact:
Blue River Designs, LLC
6977 S. Madison Way
Centennial, CO 80122

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