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Walt Mueller, Jr., aka "The Otter" (always in the water and usually catching fish), has been an avid fly tier and fisherman for over 50 years and resides along the Blue River in the Colorado Rockies. While also known for his many small nymph patterns, Walt has the distinction of developing and marketing the original "Soft Milking Egg"® fly patterns to the industry.

"The Otter" initially developed these realistic and deadly milking egg patterns for the Great Lakes steelhead areas that he fishes, they have also proven to be exceptional flies for all the cold water fish species worldwide -- from South Africa, Japan, Europe, Russia, New Zealand, Alaska, Canada, and the entire USA. His Otter's egg patterns are recognized worldwide, and are "Second to None."

Soft Milking Egg¨ fly pattern in action

Seven different sizes of The Otter's "Soft Milking Egg"® fly patterns are available, from the small 2 x 2 mm double row "Soft Sucker Spawn"© OS-3 flies on tiny #18 hooks, to the 3 mm, 4 mm, 6 mm, 8 mm (NEW) and 10 mm flies with single eggs on #10 thru #14 hooks; plus the larger 3 x 6 mm clusters and multiple clusters on #8 up to #2/0 hooks, now in 17 different translucent and opaque egg colors!

Soft Milking Egg¨ new color
Soft Milking Egg¨ in Alaska
Soft Milking Egg¨ in Michigan
Soft Milking Egg¨ products in a variety of colors

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Note: We do not sell bulk eggs to tiers. Our products are for individuals' personal tying and use and are not for tiers to resell in wholesale or retail markets. Anyone not authorized, in writing, to copy and reproduce our USPTO trademarked and registered patterns are in violation of trademark laws and are subject to legal action on our behalf.


Otter's Embryo Egg Tying Kit

Otter's "Embryo Egg"© Tying Kit

Start tying your own Otter's "Soft Milking Embryo Egg"© flies-the most realistic egg pattern available to fly fishermen worldwide. NOW AVAILABLE AT OUR ONLINE STORE at SPECIAL SAVINGS!

Otter's Egg Pegging Box Kit

ANNOUNCING OUR NEW reasonably priced storage system pre-loaded with Otter's eggs as Otter's "Egg Pegging Box© kit." This new kit is modified from Wright & McGill's Hopper storage box into Otter's "Egg Pegging Box", fully loaded with 8 pre-selected egg colors (160 eggs!) in any of five (5) egg sizes for pegging. Plus 3 packages of correct bead colors to match the egg colors along with 3 bead threaders to hold them while pegging on the river. NOW AVAILABLE AT OUR ONLINE STORE at SPECIAL SAVINGS -- GET YOURS TODAY!

Bead Threaders

And after numerous customer requests, we now sell extra small bead threaders that can store both the tiny 10/0 and 13/0 beads for use with our 6 mm and 4 mm eggs so you can "peg" them to form the deadly Otter's "Embryo Egg"© on your leader.


Our ONLINE STORE makes it easier than ever to stock up on all of The Otter's great products. In addition to our Retail Materials and Tied Flies, you can buy Hooks, Embryo Egg Glass Beads, Otter's "Egg Pegging Box"©, our special Starter Combo Kits, and other accessories! Click here to shop in our ONLINE STORE NOW!

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